Best lightweight AVANT Men’s Running Shoes

  • Lightweight: This shoe is a very lightweight shoe and weighs around 220 grams.
  • Shoe Width: Medium.
  • Style: This shoe has a round-toe style for more space and comfortability.
  • Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate.
  • Best Uses: For running, training, gym usage, walking, and all other daily activities.

Best lightweight AVANT Men’s Running Shoes

These pair of shoes are the best ones under Rs.600/-.
They are very lightweight and the foam inside is really soft very much like the memory foam found in Skechers shoes.
The sole as seen in the images is a bit different than what I have received but the one I have received is way better so no complaints there.
Overall very happy with the product.
Best lightweight AVANT Men’s Running Shoes. Please do not go for Ligero or Boultt shoes which are cheaper than these since their quality is also very cheap. This pair of shoes is astonishingly comfortable. The sole is made of a completely flexible and soft material
Overall weight is like a feather. Looks elegant too Grab it if you want a comfortable well-fitting pair of shoes

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