Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

About this item

  • ELV Easy one touch mounting system locks and releases the device with just a push of a finger,
  •  Redesigned bottom foot ensures access to all your device ports.
  • Super sticky gel pad sticks securely to most surfaces
  •  Fully adjuestable with 360 degree rotation for quick portrait and landscape views, 

ABOUT  Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

The build quality is great for the price. All the adjustable parts are very well made. And I can keep my phone fixed and safe.

Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

The build quality is great for the price. All the adjustable parts are very well made. And I can keep my phone fixed and safe.

Even after 1 year of use, its such a good car mount.Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

The suction is also great. It has a special 2 stage mechanism. Once locked-in, it hardly even moves and is impossible to take off! After 1 year, the adhesive is still sticky. And it can easily washed to restore stickiness.

Once I fix the adjustments and put my phone, the sturdiness of this carmount is great.

I tried different models of similar products for my car. Some come off easily, especially the ones I wanted to stick on the dashboard. Then I tried this product on the windshield.

I have been using it since last two months. No major issues at all. The screws underneath may need to be tightened a little bit, perhaps every 2 weeks, Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

if one wants to avoid a little rattling sound. It’s ok for 99%, but I usually become annoyed even with the slightest rattling sounds in my car.
I tried to fix it in the middle of the windshield, but there was an annoying blindspot and the arm wasn’t lengthy enough. So I tried to stick it in the right bottom part of the windshield,

and now working just fine. I have seen reviews that it is also good for the dashboard, but I didn’t wanna test my chances. I also bought a long charging cable, which reaches the phone perfectly.

I regret that I didn’t buy this product earlier. Such a convince to keep my phone in my car now. What a product it is! It sticks to the dash board so well. Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

As dash boards are not smooth in many cars and have rough surface I thought it would not stick however to my surprise it has stuck to dash board and It din’t move a bit since

I first installed it and the hold and release function of the phone holder is so convient. No more wrestling with the holder.
Just for for this. Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

It’s one of the best mobile holder available in the market. Value for money is great, it’s very easy to install and use. The material is high quality and looks stylish and feels good.

Don’t worry about reviews with low ratings, this is a great product for people who love their cars

Great product, using it for a month and had few bumpy rides for 800 km, still the product remained on its place with my phone. Great suction on flat surface. Value for money

Thank you so much for this wonderful product. Sticks perfectly and has a strong hold. Been quite sometime now and have been using it on a daily basisil.

The quality is absolutely marvellous. Would definitely recommend this product to others.
The quality is up to the mark. Must go for it!!!! Car Phone Holder for Smartphones

After a week use, it’s suction and sturdiness is well balanced. Ones you place this product on your car give it an hour, so the suction cup can hold on to it.

I was skeptical and after fixing it in dashboard it worked. As mentioned in description 2 level of suction for glass and hard surface like plastic dashboard.

However the sturdiness is not up-to the par. So poth holes and bumpy roads you will see lot of movement and you will try to catch the phone before it fells.but so far

I have failed in that game and suction is still holding. I know this will happen one day and waiting for that day. Car Phone Holder for Smartphones


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