Car Restorer Cream for Plastic Rubber Leather

  • 【Quick and effective】: Car Restorer Cream Quick Restore can penetrate deeply into the pores of the material, 
  • 【Safety and More Value】: Rubber, decorative panels, plastics or any paint that may come into contact with environmentally friendly materials will not hurt, 
  • 【No Discoloration after Cleaning】: Auto Leather&Plastic Refurbishment Paste A protective layer is formed on the surface of the plastic,
  • 【Long-term Maintenance】: 50ML Refurbishment Repair Agent One-time cleaning can be stored for a long time, Car Restorer Cream for Plastic Rubber Leather

ABOUT  Car Restorer Cream for Plastic Rubber Leather

1. Car interior and exterior renovation, the effect can last up to 365 days.
2. Nano-plated products can be quickly plated and protected, efficient, and durable.

High Pressure Washer for Cars or Bikes and Home Cleaning

Car Restorer Cream for Plastic Rubber Leather for car

Very good product, not at all expensive with the offer on amazon . It smells good & the polish is far better then other expensive polish available online. The shine & polish last long on the dashboard & pulls out all the dirt & after polish it helps with not letting dust sit on polished areas … good product……
The delivery was fast Car Restorer Cream for Plastic Rubber Leather,

Pls apply it / polish it during the day as the sunlight helps in a better coat to the polish.. for best results clean the surface with damp cloth & let it dry , now apply polish on the spong & apply it on the areas you want to polish detail geeks doing DIY polish in your car. It polishes nearly any kind of leather seats and the dashboard,

vinyl parts like foot plate on the door assembly, roof rail vinyl parts, steering wheel, etc. It needs to be buffed with a clean and dry cloth.I am uploading the results of the polished areas so that you could easily have faith in this product. Thanks Waxpod.. for making such a great product.!!! shining to the Dashboard.

The original colour is restored to a great extent. Good for its price. It doesn’t irritate the skin or eyes. It has a very soft smell which is good. It leaves no smell after a while. the spray works well. Viscosity is perfectly balanced between easy buffing and adequate retaining. You also get an applicator (sponge) with the polish.

Apply it on your dashboard and other blackened plastic part of your car and leave it for a few mins and after that rub the parts with microfiber cloth for a lasting shining effect. I used it on orvm holders, front bumper grill, rear bumper tow hook cover,

both b-pillars, lower part of windshield cover where the wiper are hinged and finally dashboard. In short all the plastic and blackened parts. I have been a keen and habitual to cleaniness, be it my clothes, vehicle or household goods. I polished my car dashboard, sides, bumpers. My music system which is Car Restorer Cream for Plastic Rubber Leather very expensive and rare. I was sincerely shocked at the gloss, the finishing and it gave a clear coat lamination. No spots, no finger print, no residue and stickyness.

Perfect, thank you waxpol, I have been using waxpol ever since I was a child. Polish works on matte parts, plastics, vinyls or leather items, fragrance is similar to some shampoo and doesn’t irritate you and lasts much longer than other known brands.

Proper way to apply is to use sponge given with the polish and later buff with some cloth. People don’t follow proper way and have seen them destroying their leather products.
Only complain is quantity is bit low and doesn’t work on some kind of leather seats. Car Restorer Cream for Plastic Rubber Leather



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