Car Seat Headrest Hooks for Car – Back Seat

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  • Car headrest hooks – farewell to chaos: no one likes cluttered car interiors, plastic bags and children’s toys rolling on the floor. 
  • Automotive interior assembly – keep your shirts undulating: With these car hooks, don’t hang your jacket or dress on the rear window and block your rearview mirror. 
  • Car Organizer – Smooth and sturdy car seat hook: This bag includes 4 sturdy multi-purpose car seat headrest hooks. Made of durable, yet flexible
  • Sub-second installation – car wallet rack: worry about installation trouble? 
  • Let HOUSEDAY headrest hook the car with confidence: we hope you enjoy your purchase with ease and convenience.

ABOUT Car Seat Headrest Hooks for Car – Back Seat

the product arrived undamaged and in perfect shape. happy to use

Car Seat Headrest Hooks for Car - Back Seat

Car Seat Headrest Hooks for Car – Back Sea

I think this is marketed for grocery bags, but I use to hold a small trash bag for road trips and all that junk that seems to accumulate inside the car. Car Seat Headrest Hooks for Car – Back Seat

The only downside, and it doesn’t effect functionality, just aesthetics, is that the distance between where the hook attaches to the headrest,

to where it bends 90* to the floor, is too short for my truck. So the hook doesn’t hang over the rear seat, but is propped up on it.

I’m going to put in a vice and hit it with a heat gun to bend it from 90* to maybe 70* and see that fits. Car Seat Headrest Hooks for Car – Back Seat

Incidentally I rated the seller 2* because the item never showed up, of course 2 days after, there it was. Seller had already refunded me same day I reported it missing, and declined my offer to re-refund. Nice of them.

Love these. Used one of them to hold my purse during a day in the city. Worked great. Would’ve preferred a deeper hook.

My purse has quite large straps and I found it was difficult to keep both in the hook with the movement of the vehicle. Car Seat Headrest Hooks for Car – Back Seat

my passenger seat is often occupied by my husband or puppies. This allows me to easily hang my handbag out of the way!

It’s nice and Convenient to use in the car. It’s just not very sturdy when we hang on our van.

Very useful product. Good quality.

Brilliant & stylish bin for a vehicle…easy to install & gives a premier look inside the car…have got it installed in my Jeep Compass…a little expensive but worth the buy…

It was easy to install the braces and install the device in the car. It seems to work well so far. It is a bit smaller than I expected from the picture (“cause who reads the measurements? 😉 ) I like having the trash can off of the floor. Car Seat Headrest Hooks for Car – Back Seat
I am revising my review rating because Hotor contacting me repeatedly using different tactics to to to get me to add the fifth star. In doing so,

they lost a star. I made my review Hotor–don’t try to bribe, embarrassed, or play on my emotions.

Definitely worth purchasing, but a few things you need to know:


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