Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle


  • Unique combination of brush cum wiper for impeccable floor cleaning experience;
  • Wiper/brush length – 30 cm that serves better for all kinds of medium size floor area
  • Steel Body also helps to create enough pressure to remove stubborn dirt particles;
  • long heavy duty easy-fit threaded plastic rod for better coverage

ABOUT  Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle

Product is very useful steel rod and plastic both length and quality is very good Product is useful for cleaning floor as well as glass Wiper.

Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle

Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle

Product is very useful.. steel rod and plastic both length and quality is very good.. Product is useful for cleaning floor as well as glass..Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle

Wiper cleans the glass completely and fiber cloth attached to it leaves no stains to glass at all. It is 180° rotable which makes its easy to clean from all directions..

I have also received additional Microfiber cloth along with it.. Overall very usefull and super quality product. Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle

Microfiber Cloths and foam squeegee blade is best because it work without scratch on glass.

It’s not only 2 in 1, it’s work multipurpose like garage, tile, wet floor, suitable for variety ground.
Telescopic handle is detachable so when you not required simple remove and kept side.

This glass wiper has made it so easy for me to clean the glasses. I use it to clean my windows and bathroom cubicles. Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle

It’s light weight and extendable handle rod makes it easy to reach up to height. And rotatable feature is really great and make the cleaning so easy. It’s the best cleaning tool for cleaning glasses

Perfect for deep cleaning under bed, table where normal brooms can’t go. Its slim which makes it go till the end n as it has fkat surface all the dirt comes out easily. Its built quality is also good.

Product quality is awesome. And it’s very useful for cleaning floor as well as glass. And it is made of steel and plastic both and while cleaning floor it moving automatically with good flexibility.

I must say this is one of the bestest cleaning tool for your house.! Works like a Charm! The rotatable feature is really great, it help us to clean more easily.
Easy to Clean and can be used for multi purpose.The made up quality is really great.! One must definitely go for it.! Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle

It’s been 6 months of using it and it feels like very durable. It came with a additional refill.
I’ve ordered it again.The wheels at the bottom of the bucket make movement easy.

Glad that I didn’t waste extra money on expensive brands like scotch brite or gala for the same type. Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle

It extends also making it reach unreachable spots …Its microfiber Cloth is very soft & absorbance. Bulit quality is also good .

over all good product Quality & length of this is very nice and easy to use and adjust accordingly to the need.It is detachable and can be used separately also.

It perfectly cleans the glass ,floor and we can adjust the size of pipe according to the need.It is easy to use and very light weight and cost effective short quality wise it is best and also cleans the floor properly.

This is really good product…very easy to install and very easy to clean… It removes all the dirt very easily from floor…also half metal body so it’s really strong…it also have detachable microfiber mom loved it..must try !!!!

Very flexible and easy to use mop. Stubborn dirt is removed with this mop. Cleans glass and floor effectively. Light weight easy to use.

I bought this to clean my glass windows and my car’s windshield and it works like a charm and it makes my life a little easier. The quality is also great according to it’s price👌🏻 Cleaning Wiper Cleaner Long Handle.


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