Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil

About this item

  •  oil strainer directly into the pot. Good for restaurant/kitchen to store bacon oil, grease, fat, cooking oil, coconut oil, frying oil, hot oil, etc.
  •  Dust-proof lid to keep it clean, Anti-slip/anti-scald handle, Curved spout for smooth pouring and drip-proof, 
  • 1.4L capacity with super fine mesh strainer, easy to separate food pieces from cooking oil. 
  • Both inside and outside are Non-stick coating, no oil residue. 

ABOUT  Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil

Stainless Steel Large Frying Oil Disposal/Storage Can Kitchen Oil Container: The oil pot is made of iron with a fine mesh strainer and a lid ,it can filter out the residue in the oil and help you make better use of the cooking oil.

Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil

Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil

Looks good. Handle and filter is different from picture. If the filter was more deep, then it would have been better. Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil

It’s great but as per measurement, it’s smaller. However, I measured the liquid and it’s perfect 1.4 litres. As per material vise, it little costlier than what it should be.

Like it
Everything is good you can go for it Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil
But it’s a bit too expensive
But yes value for money What I expected finally I got it

After one time using oil. Like frying papads, making pooris, some oil will be balance In frying dish. That oil easy to keep in this can. Really it’

fantastic product. But don’t use any used oil repeatedly. After 1st time using oil u can keep in this can then next u can use in cookings not for again fry. Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil

Its so useful product. I have kept ghee and is very handy to use it, rather than other ghee pot without handle. Handle provided is very easy to handle without falling.

Excellent product. Go for it without any second thought.

This product is awesome and amazing no leaking 1000 ml stain less steel filter is also stain less steel I love this product Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil

Nice n useful product, so much like it price is little bit high but Now I got valuable thing so I adjust the price, and thanks to komal stainless steel and always

The steel quality is very good. Quantity of oil which can be pour is also good. Easy to use n looks sparkling shiny

Good one. Quality is good . Filter is fine and useful to keep left over oil from reuse .Good one

The product is good. However don’t you feel cheated when later you see another seller with the exact same item but half the price?

I use this for bacon grease and works fine. Would like it to have a firmer fitting lid but hasn’t been a problem so far. Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil

This is the GREATEST! I love this Grease holder… what’s best about it,is the strainer that catches the sediments from the oil as it’s poured back into

the holder and the flat stand that sits under the holder in case there are drippings ….And it fits perfectly on top of my stove!

A wonder tool for the kitchen. Ever since we bought this, we use it in the kitchen all the time atleast 2-3 times a day (Veg salad has become my favourite snack or meal, with the chopped vegies toss in a spoon each of Flax seed powder, peanuts, pine nuts, cucumber seeds, pumpkin seeds.. Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil
1. Definitely you need to chop all the vegies to make it to 1 inch pieces. This chopper will help mash them into finer pieces suitable for chewing.
2. If the chunks are bigger they will get stuck in the blades and will not allow you to pull the string. Cooking Oil, Filter Pot, Frying Oil


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