Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

About this item

  • 2 in 1 Floor Mop comes with microfiber pad, no harm to floor, 
  • Rotate it 360 degree of clean, make every corner can clean and bright.
  • An efficiency microfiber pad to remove tough, 
  • Simplicity & Durability Simple trigger-spray mechanism 
  • 22 oz. refillable bottle allows you to mix your own solution

ABOUT  Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

Cleaning Mops have been a revolution to the society. It enables home-maker or cleaning staff to clean the floors with ease whether it’s home, office or other institutions.

Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

I bought this in the lockdown, It’s an easy to use product and has great bristles. It makes the job of cleaning very easy and less hectic. Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

The reason why I really bought it was the fact that it has extendable stick which can be made small or big depending on the person using

if used to power the cloth can be replaced instead of dumping the whole product. Would encourage to buy. Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

Found this product quite useful, especially after a long working day, when you’re tired of cleaning the house, this came handy and comfortable to use.

The mop cloth is easy to remove, wash and re use. This mop comfortably reaches nook and corners of the house and cleans the surface fairly well.

One of the must buy for working women who can’t spend much time on cleaning the house.

its is a good piece. I like the color first of all. Its very trendy. Its easy to use, i didnot even read the instructions and i cud do it on my own when it arrived. Overall worth it product

It is really helpful in cleaning. It has the 360° mouth which really helps in reaching all the corners and even under the furniture. Also it breaks into parts so that is a really good advantage as well. Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

Good quality product…unlike the cheap ones the stick needs to be screwed which will help for long life…removable head helps us to clean it properly after use…must buy

This is a fantastic product…
I am using it from3 days and believe me it has became my life easy…
Its very light weight and quality is rally syperb and most good thing is its easily movable …light weight, good quality and useful item . Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

I have been using this for mopping and I must say it’s worth every rupee! It’s easy to use very helpful in day to day use. I would 100% recommended this. Must buy.

Good quality Mop. Handle rod is telescopic and its length is adjustable as per need. Microfiber washable pad is soft & can be used on all type of surface. Remove pad & wash whenever its dirty & its again ready to use. Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

Nyc product now.. use kr k …kuch time bad proper feedback de paynge..

When my old mop bucket purchased from open market became cracked, I was an urgent need of buy a good one. After searching a lot online, I choosen this one with some doubt about quality. Now after using it for more than 3 months

I have no any doubt because of its good quality and easy to use. Bucket and spin handle materials are so good and strong as comparison to my broken old mop.

also handle is thick and strong Best. Moping- Easy. Looking-Beautiful. One other good thing is that It covers 01 year manufacturer Warranty.
As per my past purchase experience of 3-4 months this model of Milton Mop is best in view of Quality, Strongness and Durability. Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop

This is very helpful product if you like to mop your house by yourself. Not preferable item for maids. Although I will be writing points on cons but they may not matter for some people.
Spray Mop, Home Cleaning Mop


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