Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

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  • 46 Pcs 1/4 Sq. Drive Socket Set
  • 1 Rachet Handle ,2 Extension bars ,
  • 4 Hex Key 27, 5,2, 5 mm.

ABOUT  Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

The multi function drilling machine can be used to make holes on walls, concrete, metal, wood and plastic. Fix your picture frames, paintings, hangers, lightings etc. without any hassles.

Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

Good products suitable for all bike happy with the product.Box is broken from right side, one of the component is defective,Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

there are 45 pieces instead of 46 and hex keys are not as same description as of given under product description in amazon. My advise don’t go for cheaper one buy a branded one.

We only buy it once, its not like we need to buy it every now and then so go for branded one. I made mistake buying cheaper one now you don’t.

Its value for money and build quality is nice Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

Very good product with steady and robust built quality. It’s very useful and handy tool for household, cycle & bike DIY things.

I was highly sceptical for buying hardware online but the amazing offers made me read the details thoroughly and order this product online.
AND I AM HAPPY BUYING THIS PRODUCT , it’s full paisa vasool…as the product is clearly non-rust and high quality material.
I will clearly buy more products from Durelo. Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set
Need not think twice if you want a quality product at less price

I got this product as a gift from my brother by using this product i just amazed by his exceptionally good quality and its durability . I must recommend this product .

All the tools in Durelo toolkit have great precision, sturdy grip & perfect balance. The usage will reflect in the output both in terms of quality and time. Impeccable quality at throaway prices.

Best utility kit for home n office purpose with exceptionally good quality. Its my first time to buy product from brand Durelo but I am amazed to see the quality of the products.
Looks long lasting n durable product…. Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

All the items in the kit are easy to use and very good quality. The compact size of the kit offers solution to various requirements in such a small size.

Very useful for those hard to reach ares around the engine bay of ur car…flexible neck is a excellent and well built product..

Quality is very good.Very good appeal and proud to use. Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set

It is time saving & less effort spanner for use, lastly value for money.Not satisfied with this product I bought this set of wrenches to work on my bicycle, and being a low’ish torque requirement I figured there was no need to spend the earth and they have similar handle lengths to those used in my local store.

The wrenches are actually good quality and should be adequate for the casual handyman task… however this is where I personally have an issue (and hence the dropped star) with this set in

that the interval between the largest two wrenches (14mm & 17mm) misses some common sizes. That’s my fault though as it is spelt out in the description. Just know what you are likely to need.

The packaging and presentation are perfectly adequate. I’m not a huge fan of the plastic caddy. It may be fairly durable but I hope it’s recyclable. It can be attached to a wall if that’s your thing.

Tool Kit & Screwdriver and Socket Set


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