Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

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  • Multi-functional finishing rack ( 3 in 1 ),This is not just a bathroom slippers rack, but also a multi-functional organizer rack, 
  • The shoe organizer rack is made from ABS plastic, which makes it lightweight, durable, non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Folding design, Can be applied on flat surfaces or corners, can put up to 3 pairs of shoes, 3 towels,
  • This self adhesive shoes storage holder is connected to a smooth wall by Acrylic adhesive,
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ABOUT  Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

unique folding design, it provide more possible space saving solution for your shoes even if a corner or the door. 

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

Perfect for washed footwear organizer in bathroom. It drain out water.

Great Products With Easy Installation Step Durable Plastic/Fiber Matarial & Iron Road I am Happy with The Product Quality & Timely Delivery Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

If Needed This Shoe Rack is Available in Your Budget Range And Good Durability

It’s an average shoe rack that send about right for the price of 300. The plastic on the sides is very light weight. The adjustment options for the rods given in the picture aren’t accurate.

I bought it hoping it could be made narrower for kids shoes, only height adjustment is available.

That being said it’s the most compact and narrow one available which was perfect for the space I had available. Can fit 8 adult shoes at the most. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

It’s a great deal at 299 rupees. Product is absolutely worth the money. Seller also included a N95 mask as a free gift inside the package. Am happy.

Fast delivery as usual by Amazon. Product was good. It didn’t have any maual for assembly but buy seeing the design you can yourself make out how to assemble it.

Assembly was tough. It took lot of time and effort. But once assembly was finished the product looked really nice and solid.
Must go for it. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

Product is good and very easy to assemble. But after assembling it’s bit tilting.

Just got the delivery and assembled it. The material seems light and sturdy. It is easy to assemble with the given nails and bolts.

One extra nail and bolt is given. The assembly is slightly skewed now, and using a paper to stabilize it. Am going to be using it for shoes so hopefully it will withstand the weight.

Will review and update the durability in the long run! Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

The product is good. Size is also fine. You can keep 9 pair of shoes on this. But there is no extra screw given with this. you will get exact no.

of screws for the Assembly. At least 1 or 2 extra screw should be there

This is an easy to assemble metal shoe-rack . Costing less than 800 rupees, it is a good value for money. I got a black colored one that came well packaged and delivered on time.

Unlike what others had mentioned, the assembly is rather straightforward and all one needs is a screw-driver (and maybe a small spanner/pliers). The kit includes four layers of racks, screws and nuts. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger

MDF is thick fully laminated and most importantly fits perfectly in the slots.
3) Convertible option of 2 shelve plus 3 shelves or can keep as 5 shelve single piece.
4) Powder Coat grey paint enhances the look and touch feel aswell projects the scratches minimalist when compared to glossy paints.
5) No tools required to assemble and disassemble.
6) Heavy doesn’t mean always strong, it’s the design and alloy materials makes it sturdier.
7) Strictly for indoor use as it has MDF wood shelves, if need to keep outdoors pls look for full metal racks with shelves too in metal. Wall Mounted Shoe Rack Shoes Hanger.


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