Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber

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  • Made from 100% food grade silicone, non-allergic to latex, used to clean vegetables and fruits
  • Product Size: 13.5 x 5.5 inch.Use Forliver Sponge silicone brush to replace your old style brush for improving kitchen hygiene.
  • These Magic washing gloves for women can be used for kitchen, washing dishes, fruit & vegetable cleaning, cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the bed room
  • These dish washing gloves has heat resistance up to 160 degrees Celsius so it can be sterilized with boiling water or microwave ovens(2min). 

ABOUT  Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber

Prifix Household Washing Gloves

This soft cleaning gloves is made from 100% food grade silicone, waterproof, anti-odor. Best of All, Natural Grade Silicone is Gentle on the Skin so You Will not Get Allergic Reactions.High Temperature.

Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber

Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber

Amazing product.. Just loved it.. i will recommend everybody to go for it

Not up to the mark , in picture it was long but realy its too short. Not happy with this product.

Such a innovative product! I liked it soo much bcoz my skin is allergic to dish wash soap. Best one Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber

Perfect for washing vegetables and fruits very good gloves

This is very helpful for cleaning utensils. Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber
It is a silicone scrubbing glove which is very much useful when you consider “cleaning” in mind.
It is the best thing. It has a grip and bristles on it that will make the cleaning experience an effective one, like it was so manageable to clean the utensils,

really comfortable & amazing!
The best part is it is latex-free, highly recommended. If you really don’t like dirt, scratched and cut hands, then this is the best & right choice! Really very comfortable to wear and best in this budget.
If you want a good pair of washing gloves for durable purpose then you must try this.
Simply Amazing Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber

I received the cyan colour. It was written mticolour so any colour may arrive.
The bristles are really soft because it is also made of silicon.
Even if its little pricey but i think its worth it. The material is really a good quality so the price is justified.
It has a multiway use in bathrooms, basins, and the kitchen and thus is very useful.
The delivery was also very faast. Really very useful thing.

Am a new mom so am not allowed to keep my hands in water often. That’s why I ordered this gloves, I used it both for washing my little ones clothes and sometimes vessels.

It helped me a lot. Whenever my baby cried in between the work I just took of the gloves and hold my baby. Therefore no wet in my hand my baby is comfortable and I am also free from soap irritation. Good product Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber

This is very good product it help in so many way like cleaning utensils, bathing my dog, cleaning car and bike etc. It has a good grip and bristles so it make cleaning experience very good,

it is easily manageable, comfortable and it also has latex-free. It help the hand to get dirt free, scratches free and cut. It help the hand to do not lose his moisture. It is also durable

Best product at best price. Using a handed motion makes it much easier to clean in harder to reach spots, and the silicone dishwashing gloves is also beneficial for those who may suffer from hand pain or arthritis. Go for it Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber

Have been using for my kitchen work very good silicone gloves yes it is slippery while washing utensils so i use one right silicone glove and left hand i use the old thinner glove but it makes differences washing utensils in this gloves the utensils gets thoroughly cleaned thanks Washing Gloves with Wash Scrubber.


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